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"County Wide ~ Song Stories From Lancaster County"
LLM 110

With her latest project, Bobbi turns her songwriting focus to paint a musical landscape of her home in Lancaster County, PA. Imagine sitting down with someone and telling them why you love where you live - the places, smells, people, natural landscape - now imagine it being expressed musically, and you have the makings of  "County Wide."
Well-known songs: Rocky Springs Saturday Night, Life In The Country, Sunday Afternoon and September Moon.

"A Little Christmas Music"
LLM 109

This intimate recording of guitar and vocals was made at the request of Bobbi’s mom, Charlotte. She wanted "something nice" to share with her bridge club and didn’t think the humor of "Two Live Wires" was for everyone. Not that she doesn’t have a sense of humor, but let’s move on…
Well-known songs: All of them…that’s the point!

"Two Live Wires"
LLM 107
The Carmitchell Sisters

Picture if you will, two sisters with a lifetime of smart-mouthed, sarcastic and witty banter put to music. Full of the impromptu standup comic routine that you’ve come to know and fear as a vulnerable audience member, this CD will make you laugh. Recorded live at "The Wire" in Harrisburg with 75 of their closest friends (and some we had to pay).
Well-known songs: These Are The Things That Will Drive Me Insane, The Barbie Song, The Alphabet Medley and The Girl Scout Song. Also featured on this recording is the live, uncut and raw version of The Love Song For The Washington Boro Tomato.

"Follow Thru"
LLM 106

Solo Recording
Three years in the making, this is the first serious recording of all original music by Bobbi. Includes a wide range of instrumentation from the hauntingly beautiful instrumental "Bellingham Morning" to the power folk sound of "Come This Far."
Well-known songs: It’s All In The Way, Water’s Edge, Far and Away, Mid October Morning and a digital recording of "Reply" from the Crossing The Line project.

"C2H  A Radical Bond"  
C2H 101 Available on Cassette Only
Bobbi Carmitchell, Deenie Hamacher, Robin Chambers

This collaboration of all original music is a real gem.
Well-known songs: Finer Day, Crazy Moth, Blues In The Pink, Simple Song and Nothin’ for Nothin’.

"Crossing The Line"
LLM 105
This recording is available only on LP. It is Bobbi’s pioneer solo project with a mix of original and cover material.
Well-known songs:  Over The Rainbow, Wind Beneath My Wings, Reply, Crossing The Line and Isn’t It Always Love

"The Limo Is Waiting"
Wind and Wood
LLM 111
Anne Billmyer, Deenie Hamacher and Bobbi Carmitchell

With their first and only studio recording, this talented trio of women set out to offer a wish list of favorite requests from their many fans across the Central PA region who supported them throughout their four years. This recording was just remastered for CD and contains three bonus live tracks. Well-known songs: Southern Cross, Jaime, Born To Run, Wind Beneath My Wings (with a great 80’s string section!) and After The Goldrush.